We love cars 

With over 3 years of experience, we at Olympus strive to bring you the utmost quality in our work and make your vehicle look brand new. A vehicle detail is far more than a simple rinse. Every day, cars on the road encounter numerous amounts of contaminants and our goal is to eliminate these and protect your vehicle to further extend its life. 

What we do


Paint & wheels get sprayed and decontaminated from bugs, tar, and road grime

Carpet Shampoo &

The carpets & seats get a shampooing & extraction done, as well as leather getting treated and conditioned

Pre Soak & Hand Wash

Vehicle gets sprayed down with ppre soak and gets rinsed off, followed by a hand wash using 2 buckets 

Interior Cleaning 

Interior gets thoroughly cleaned & sanitized with our soft premium brushes and cleaner

Ceramic Coating

Paint gets dried off and sealed using premium ceramic coating to ensure protection between washes

Full Wipe-down & Protectant

Wipe down consisting of our UV protectant conditioner and leather conditioners applied if applicable 

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